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Pragmatic solutions that will have a positive impact
Informed – Insightful – Decisive

We were founded in 1987 by our current president Paul Richard McCullough.

We believe we have a unique approach to market research, blending exceptional technical expertise with savvy real-world understanding of marketing principles.  We invite you to take a look at our client list.

Our Philosophy

MACRO is committed to providing marketing solutions that are sound and thorough. Our goal, always, is to enhance our clients’ business. Whether a corporation, an advertising agency, a graphic designer or a market research supplier, we work closely with you as a member of your marketing team, committed to your success.

Our Approach

MACRO has particular expertise in  quantitative market research. Our success in using quantitative techniques comes from the art of application. At MACRO, we do not believe in forcing quantitative techniques to fit the research problem. We choose statistical methods that most directly address the needs and objectives of a particular marketing issue.