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Web Analytics

Web analytics is a fairly new area of research that has generated a tremendous amount of interest in the marketing research community. As all aspects of our lives move more and more onto the Web, new tools are needed and are being developed to understand our behavior in these new environments.

MACRO Consulting, Inc. has a long history of applying leading edge analytic techniques to marketing problems to gain deeper insights into customer behavior and motivations. MACRO is now leveraging this technical expertise as we analyze these rich new data sets created by the digital world we now live in.

A basic methodology for web analytics…consists of four steps:

  • In the first, business metrics, your organization defines the KPIs [Key Performance Indicators] that will drive success in your web channel. Above all, make sure you take your overall business objectives into account when creating KPIs.
  • In the second, reports, you configure your tool properly to deliver the data that is relevant to your business. In this stage, don’t forget to create and distribute personalized reports to everyone in your organization who can benefit from them.
  • In the third, analysis, you must determine what this data means to your business. That includes identifying opportunities for improvement, monetizing them, and prioritizing them based on their potential effect on your business.
  • In the fourth step, optimization and action, you take action based on your analysis. Don’t forget, if you don’t use the results of your analysis to optimize your site, you won’t see any tangible benefits from your analytics efforts.

Actionable Web Analytics: Jason Burby & Shane Atchison