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Brand Imagery Measurement

In today’s market, where products are often similar, branding has a significant effect on product sales.  Brand value also has a strong impact on the price the customer is willing to pay.  As competition becomes more intense, brand equity is one of the few assets that provides a long-term competitive advantage.

  • Do you have a deep understanding of your brand’s consumers?
  • Do you know what drives your brand’s equity?
  • Have you established and validated equity measures for your brand?
  • Have you set objectives against these measures?
  • Do key decision-makers regularly see results against these measures?
  • Are people held accountable for achieving brand objectives?

MACRO Consulting, Inc. will work with you to drive brand relevance among stakeholders, gauge how your brand influences customer behavior in a given category, manage and monitor brand equity over time, identify opportunities to extend brand presence into new markets and segments, establish the ideal roles and relationships among brands in a portfolio, and more.