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Maximize the value of your package design!

Design elements such as colors, shapes, typefaces, photographs and vignettes can have a powerful effect on the behavior of people exposed to them.  There are numerous brand identity and packaging examples which illustrate this.  Often, those exposed to the designs are not aware of the effects the designs have on their behavior.  The Association Test has been designed to measure both the conscious and subconscious communication values of designs which influence human behavior.

Good graphics increase sales.  Good research identifies good graphics.

There are three distinct stages to any design research program:

  1. Pre-design
  2. During-design
  3. Post-design

Pre-design.  The purpose of pre-design research is two-fold:

  1. To identify current design elements equity.
  2. To develop a communications strategy that will motivate customers to buy the product.  This communications strategy must then be implemented visually by the design team.

During-design.  The purpose of during-design research is to provide the design team with specific feedback during the design process.  For example, if three or four typefaces are being considered, during-design research could be conducted to assist in the selection of the final typeface.

Post-design.  The purpose of post-design research is to evaluate the effectiveness of alternative new designs in communicating the themes identified in the pre-design stage.

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Design Research Brochure

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