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Full Service Research

Research Approach
MACRO Consulting, Inc. has been providing full-service marketing research since its founding in 1987, and we understand that all successful research projects are built on a solid foundation. We work closely with you to define and refine your research objectives to ensure that you get the right answers by asking the right questions.
Research Method
Once we understand your underlying business needs and have a clear statement of research objectives, we will custom tailor a research study to most efficiently and effectively address your objectives. We work with the most advance market research tools available, and have decades of experience masterfully implementing them. We pride ourselves in our ability to creatively design research projects that uniquely address your specific research needs.
We implement and manage all aspects of the research process to ensure we collect the highest quality data. We work with the most reliable hosts available, and take strides to protect the data we collect in accordance with international market research standards.
Analysis/ Modeling
We approach the analysis of your survey data with a robust arsenal of commercially available analytic techniques. We have a true passion for transforming raw data into meaningful, real-world conclusions. If required, a simulator is designed that allows you to input potential scenarios to predict how the market will respond to changes to products, features, price etc.
Our final – delicately crafted – reports (in PowerPoint, Excel, or PDF format) express clearly in plain English the practical and actionable insights revealed through our analysis.
Follow up Analysis
Our relationships with our clients don’t end with final report delivery. We understand that as the research conclusions are worked into your market strategies questions arise, and we’re standing by to accommodate any additional analysis requests.

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