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Web-Based Research

MACRO Consulting, Inc. uses state-of-the-art data collection methods:

  • Web-site surveys
  • Email surveys
  • Email surveys with trade-off analysis
  • Disk-by-mail
  • CAPI (computer aided personal interviews)
  • CATI (computer aided telephone interviews)
MACRO Consulting, Inc. surveys international markets as well as domestic.

MACRO Consulting, Inc. conducts surveys via internet email, with several advantages to its clients:

  • Extremely low cost data collection
  • Much quicker project turn around time
  • Higher respondent cooperation rates
  • Larger sample sizes
  • Ideal for sampling hi-tech professionals
  • Ideal for sampling hard-to-reach upscale young males

If you would like more information regarding MACRO’s data collection methodologies, please contact MACRO by calling 831/454-8927 or by sending your email address to